YourNetBiz launches Primo Vacations


The global travel market is worth around $7 trillion per year and there is now a “new kid on the block” who is going to revolutionise the industry. In the current economic climate value for money has never been so important. This is where Primo Vacations will lead the way.

What is Primo Vacations?

Officially launched in December of 2009, Primo Vacations is a premier online vacation and travel club that offers luxury vacations at a fraction of the cost. Now you can secure the holiday of your dreams for a fraction of the brochure price without having to compromise in any way.

That’s not all Primo Vacations also represents a superb business opportunity with an excellent compensation plan.

This remarkable travel club was developed by Rob Hannley and Dave Garven, the co-founders of the highly successful business opportunity YourNetBiz

YourNetBiz has always had a travel club which was known as “MyInternetVacations” and was only available to Platinum level members.

Primo Vacations is now a stand-alone business. This significantly enhanced, bigger, better and amazing version will be available to absolutely anyone! At last your celebrity, luxury travel dreams come true as a member of this premier vacation club.

But that’s not all with Primo Vacations you can earn passive income while travelling the globe. The mission statement for this group remains simple and powerful:

“To continue to offer the absolute best value and unmatched service of any travel and vacations club available anywhere for any price, allowing our valued business associates to earn a substantial income while enjoying a new level of time freedom usually reserved for the very wealthy.”

Check out the video below:

What Do I Get If I Join Primo Vacations ?

You work hard and really need a break from all the depressing bad economic news. Time to get away!

Primo Vacations is your ticket to 5* Luxury Travel at prices you can afford. Primo Vacations was started by Travel Industry veterans who were sick and tired of the obscene mark up the travel industry places on every aspect of travel. Primo Vacations has gone directly to the source and because of the high volume of travel generated for our “partners” Primo members can enjoy savings of up to 80%.

Would you like…

Unlimited access to Luxury Condos, Villas and Properties at the most desirable resorts all over the world at a discount of up to 80% ?

No kidding! Try to find those kinds of discount on Expedia or similar sites! You could have a 2 bedroom villa for your entire family in a tropical location for as little as $100 a week. We are talking savings that are unbelievable. But, I assure you Rob and Dave were serious when they put this together and these are real discounts.

Access to luxury hotels all around the world….

 Certainly with the selection on offer you will have no problem finding 4* or 5* star resorts that you would love to visit.

And you can go whenever and wherever you like with no restrictions. We are not talking about obscure unknown independent hotels, these are name brands you know and have come to associate with luxury. Just take a look at some of the major chains partnering with Primo Vacations:

Fancy a Cruise……….?

Don’t look any further. With Primo Vacations you will have access to the major Cruise Lines e.g. Royal Caribbean,Princess Cruises, P & O.

Want To Earn A Passive Income While You Travel The World?

Primo Vacations  gives you an excellent business opportunity. Similar opportunities are available elsewhere with costs ranging anywhere from $3000 to $10000. At Primo Vacations all the above is available for one the off cost of $697 . As an Associate you can earn up to $500 per sale. And there’s more if you join YourNetBiz as Platinum Member Primo Vacations is included for free. That’s 2 businesses for the price of 1

YourNetBiz has proved to be a huge success since its launch earlier in 2009 and PrimoVacations is sure to follow the same path. Check out the video below:


If you want to find out more about Primo Vacations and all the savings on offer please feel free to contact me. Should you wish to become an Associate and earn $500 per sale I strongly advise that you do your due dilligence first to ensure the opportunity is right for you. If you have any questions about Primo Vacations do not hesitate to contact me. Click here for my contact details

To your Success

Jon Vallis