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What is The Six Figure Mentors?

The Six Figure Mentors (SFM), is an Internet Marketing training and educational organization, which was founded  to teach people how to effectively market ANYTHING using the Internet. The SFM is constantly providing up-to-date internet marketing resources and education, to an expanding global base. The SFM can teach anyone around the world, regardless of background, skills and education, how to MARKET any product or service, provided they have internet access.

Using a ground breaking platform The Six Figure Mentors main goals are on providing:

  • Value -  “At The Six Figure Mentors, we’re committed to the principle of creating value, using this as the foundation of everything we do. This sense of value goes beyond what can be quantified in our business, and is expressed in unwavering respect for our leaders, employees, customers, and the community at large.”
  • Leverage – “The Six Figure Mentors are committed to leveraging the power of networks and community in human relationships to achieve these goals. We realise that success can have a viral cascade effect as a spirit of dialogue and community are fostered, and this principle is key to our philosophy.”
  • Education & Training – “Our purpose is to empower people around the world with education and knowledge. As teachers, we strive to remember that we’re learners first, continually seeking out the most innovative ideas, technical know-how, and life principles to help the people we serve live in true abundance.”

The Six Figure Mentors website has two main components

  • The Six Figure Mentors Training Site
  • The Six Figure Mentors Community

The Six Figure Mentors Training Site

The Six Figure Mentors training site is a huge vault full of training and educational resources with up to the minute marketing strategies, tools and software for website creation not to mention easy to follow step by step video tutorials and instruction. Another bonus comes in the form of previously recorded training webinars ensuring that, if you miss the weekly webinars and questions & sessions with an recognised SFM leader, you can go back into the site and watch it!

Furthermore there is the added value and incentive of regular SFM Coffee Mornings, that consist of live interactive sessions where you get the chance to learn from and pose  questions to an SFM leader.

The Six Figure Mentors Community

The Six Figure Mentors Community could quite possibly be one of the most significant developments within the internet marketing industry for some time. Similar to Facebook and other Social Networks, this platform is specifically focused on our industry, meaning that this is the place where you can share your experiences, interact with like-minded people and more importantly network with fellow members.

Building long-lasting relationships is key to succeeding in ANY business (not just internet marketing). That’s why within The Six Figure Mentors Community  pitching your own products or business opportunities is strictly forbidden. Instead the Community prides itself on offering Value to all its members regardless of whether you are a complete new-comer or seasoned professional.

How To Become A Member

To become a member of The Six Figure Mentors you must be sponsored by a Founding Member like myself. If you would like to join what is the fast becoming the leading community of Internet Marketers in the world please take the first step and enter your details in the box below. Together we can then get you started on the road to what can be a hugely rewarding lifestyle.

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